Automatic Vial Drying

Dry vials in as little as 5 minutes

If you make temperature-sensitive products, like vaccines, serums, and tests, you know that temperature excursions can cause these types of products to lose their potency. Because of this, maintaining the cold chain is a top priority.

Much of the discussion about the cold chain focuses on storage and shipment, but there is a common temperature excursion that happens during the packaging process — when vials are being prepared for shipping, they’re removed from the cold chain for inspection and labeling, often for as long as 48 hours.

The reason for the temperature excursion is that, when the vials encounter room temperature, moisture forms on the outside of the glass, which makes visual inspection difficult and interferes with label adhesion. So, before these processes can take place, the vials must be allowed to dry completely.

Garvey’s automatic vial dryer reduces this time out of the cold chain down to as little as 5 minutes. Learn more

What you can do with Garvey’s automatic vial drying system


Dry vials in as little as 5 minutes, eliminating a common cold chain temperature excursion


Single-file vials to a labeler or inspection machine at up to 900 vials per minute — the fastest out-feed rate in the industry


Ensure the potency and efficacy of your products

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