“We can handle it.”

This has been our motto since 1926, when the seeds of Garvey Corporation were first planted on a dirt road halfway between Philadelphia and Atlantic City. That’s the year our founder, Gordon Garvey, opened a gas station to finance his own machine shop. Before long, he had a thriving precision fabrication shop, which would soon become an industry-leading conveyor company.

Nearly 100 years later, Garvey remains a leader in the conveyor and accumulation industry, serving customers ranging from small breweries to the world’s largest manufacturers of food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and household products.

 The Garvey name is synonymous with innovation and top-of-the-line modern design. The company is recognized as one of the world’s finest manufacturers of low-impact, multifunctional pressureless loop accumulation and conveyor systems to help customers optimize their production lines and maximize their throughput. Though much has changed since 1926, one thing has remained the same: our pledge that “we can handle it.”

Our Story



Gordon Garvey takes the first step toward establishing the machine shop that would become Garvey Corporation.


First Modular Conveyors

Fran and Bud Garvey design and build the first set of modular conveyors to support the local glass industry.


Bi-Flo Accumulator

Fran Garvey invents the Bi-Flo accumulator, the first low backpressure accumulator and single-filer.



Mark Garvey invents the Taper-Flo, capable of accumulating and single-filing tapered containers. This machine made a large impact on the yogurt industry.


Infinity Accumulator

Mark Garvey and Bill Fox invent the Infinity Accumulator, an accumulation system capable of handling tapered wine bottles at unprecedented speeds.


Infinity Rx

Garvey unveils the Infinity Rx, capable of accumulating and single-filing products down to 0.5” in diameter.


3D Infinity

Garvey develops the 3D Infinity for laning and orienting products.


Vial Dryer

Garvey introduces its vial dryer, capable of drying pharmaceutical vials in as little as 5 minutes.


Next Gen Vial Dryer

Garvey develops its next-generation vial dryer to accommodate new customer needs.


Vial Tray Loader

Garvey introduces its next-generation vial tray loader, which integrates a tray loading machine with an Infinity Accumulator.


G10 Infinity Accumulator

Garvey introduces its on-demand distribution systems, which transfer products from a mass flow to parallel stations without stopping.

Garvey also builds the G10 Infinity Accumulator, its largest accumulation system to date.