Frequently Asked Questions


Can you maintain orientation while accumulating?

Our 3D Infinity Accumulator allows food processors to orient and single-file product into multiple lanes at high speeds without delaying production. This solution is perfect for a wide range of applications. You can watch it work on snack pies here.

Will Garvey be at any upcoming trade shows?

Garvey is always on the road, demonstrating our leading accumulation solutions to attendees at some of the premier industry events, including Pack Expo. See where Garvey will be next by visiting our Events Calendar.

Line Analysis

Can a Garvey representative look at my production line and make recommendations?

Sure!  Our sales engineers would love to visit your facility for a free line analysis. You can schedule your line analysis here.

What happens when Garvey conducts a line analysis at my plant?

A Garvey Sales Engineer will meet with you and your team to learn more about your line challenges. 

A Garvey line analysis consists of three parts:

  • We calculate each individual machine’s efficiency and net output 
  • We find the total line efficiency
  • We make recommendations for increasing your throughput

Throughout your line analysis, your Garvey Sales Engineer will answer any questions about your line and how our accumulation solutions work.

What is the Theory of Constraints?

Eli Goldratt introduces the Theory of Constraints in his book, The Goal. It fundamentally states that each process will have a constraint and that a series of steps can be taken to ensure an ongoing improvement of the process. When we conduct our line analysis, we will identify the constraint on your line, guiding us on the best accumulation solution. You can read more about the Theory of Constraints in our Complete Guide to Maximizing Throughput.

Parts & Service

How does your service agreement work?

The Garvey Annual Maintenance Agreement (GAMA) program is a preventative maintenance program that helps customers keep their equipment running at peak performance. A service technician will visit your facility annually to thoroughly inspect your Garvey equipment and perform minor onsite modifications and adjustments. We will provide a detailed report, a list of replacement part recommendations, and employee training as needed. GAMA members also receive discounted parts and services. Learn more about our GAMA program here.

Where can I submit a parts request for my Garvey equipment?

You can fill out a Parts Request form, and our team will work to provide the exact parts you need quickly and efficiently. Our Parts Department can also help if you’re unsure what part you need.


Can you handle my product on an Infinity?

Send product samples to us, and we run them on our various machines in our complete testing area. Once we’re done, we will provide all the relevant data, detailed videos, and photographs to show how our solutions work with your products. Schedule your test with Garvey here.

Can an Infinity save floor space?

Other accumulation solutions require mass flow conveyors snaking back and forth and long pressureless combiners to single-file the product. Our tables accumulate and single-file in one machine, saving tremendous floor space.

Can an Infinity save energy consumption?

Our Infinity table uses far fewer motors and variable frequency drives than a traditional mass flow accumulation system, which means less electricity. Its clean construction requires less water during sanitation shifts. If you use a soap and water lubrication system, it will also use less water than a mass flow conveyor system.


Thank you for your interest in Garvey Bi-Flo accumulation systems. Contact our sales team for inquiries and to request a quote. 


Is accumulation compatible with Lean Manufacturing?

We like to use the term Lean Accumulation to describe our approach to production. 

  • Not enough accumulation hurts efficiency and requires everything to run longer to achieve production goals. 
  • Too much accumulation is wasteful since, after a certain point, it provides a diminishing rate of return.
  • The wrong kind of accumulation wastes energy, water, and floor space. Putting accumulation in the wrong location won’t help overall efficiency.

Garvey’s approach to accumulation is to:

  • Size the accumulation appropriately
  • Reduce resource consumption
  • Find the optimal place in the line for accumulation

You can learn more about our approach to Lean here.

Feel free to contact us with any questions

Visit our contact page and set up an appointment with one of our experience sales engineers who can help answer all these questions about your line.