Garvey Lubrication System

Reducing friction increases line efficiency and decreases costs

Our accumulation and conveying systems deliver the highest run rates in the industry while still protecting even the most sensitive products from damage. One of the tools that allows us to do this is our lubrication system.

We’ve partnered with CHP to bring MicroDry® Slat, their unique patented dry lubrication system, to our accumulators and conveyors.

MicroDry Slat is a fully automatic, closed loop system that diffuses a microscopic layer of lubricant onto both the top and bottom of the conveyors drop by drop. The system can be expanded to serve up to 1,500 lubrication points, works for all kinds of packaging (glass, PET, cans, and carbon) and can be easily controlled from a central touch screen.

Benefits of MicroDry Slat


Higher line efficiency

Reduces friction, stoppages, and backpressure


Lower operating costs

Uses less lubricant, extends the lifespan of your conveyors, and requires 10-15% less energy than other systems


Low maintenance

No brushes or spray bottles to maintain


A safer workplace

No wet or slippery floors


Hygiene and sustainability

FDA-approved lubricant is biodegradable and water- and silicon-free

To learn more about this system and how it would fit with your application, contact us.