Garvey Handling Devices

Garvey machines include accumulation tables, conveyors, handling devices, and pharmaceutical machines to create solutions for all kinds of companies.

Clean Room Transfer

Garvey’s Handling Devices include the Clean Room Transfer which is designed to minimize the size of the exit portal of a clean room while providing a flush chain to chain transfer, eliminating the need for dead plates.

Gap Transporter

Garvey’s Gap Transporter is a versatile workhorse. With adjustments, it can be used for gap transporting, conveying, depucking, elevating, spacing, label inspecting and bottom coding.

Gripper Elevator

Garvey’s Gripper Elevator fits within existing conveyor lines with ease due to its minimal footprint design. The vulcanized gripper surface opens or closes with a built in handwheel, from less than 1″ to a maximum of 12″ separation.