Garvey Automatic Vial Dryer

Our system can complete the drying process in as little as five minutes.

Temperature-sensitive products in a cold chain, like vaccines, serums, and tests, must be kept under the proper conditions in order to maintain their potency. Any time such a product is removed from the cold chain and exposed to incorrect temperature, its potency will decrease. Unfortunately, any loss of potency is permanent and irreversible. This cumulative damage may result in the drug being completely destroyed, with all of its potency lost. The cold chain system is a description of the processes for storing and transporting temperature–sensitive products in their potent states from the manufacturer to the end user. Much of the cold chain’s focus has been placed on the equipment used during storage and shipment, but Garvey Corporation has found a method to reduce the time out of the cold chain by 24 to 48 hours during the packaging process.

Vials full of drugs are stored in refrigerators or freezers, depending on the exact temperature that must be maintained. These vials do not get labeled until their final destination has been determined. When a shipment must be made, the vials are removed from the cold chain to begin the inspection and labeling process. However, bringing the cold vials into normal room conditions creates a challenge. Just as a fog forms of the outside of a glass full of a cold beverage on a summer day, condensation forms on the outside of the glass vials when they are removed from cold storage. This moisture not only makes visual inspection very difficult, but it also interferes with label adhesion. The current solution, in most facilities, is to move the batch of vials into a conditioning room for 24 to 48 hours to allow the condensation to dissipate. This extended time out of the cold chain has nothing but negative effects on the product. Garvey’s innovative solution combines their patented pressure-less loop technology with a high-volume laminar flow accumulator, to dry the vials and feed them in a single file to a labeler or inspection machine at rates up to 900 vials per minute.

This is the fastest out-feed rate in the industry and this entire process is completed in less than 15 minutes. The Automatic Vial Dryer utilizes a modular design and can be configured to fit in even the tightest production line layouts. Various in-feed and out-feed options are offered and the machine will handle products ranging from 2ml lyophilized products to 50ml liquid filled vials.

Companies that handle temperature–sensitive products are responsible for not only delivering the product to the end user, but they must deliver goods that perform as expected. Understanding the cumulative effect of improper temperatures on these lifesaving drugs makes clear the value of eliminating 24 to 48 hours of time out of the cold chain.

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Upper Enclosure

The optional enclosure is fabricated using a stainless steel frame structure with 3/8” thick polycarbonate door panels. The panels open easily to allow access to vials and when closed, they help reduce noise levels to below 75dB. The enclosure encourages consistent laminar flow and when combined with the lower air duct, it also enables a Hepa filtration system to be installed above the table to create a closed-loop drying system.

Lower Air Duct

Instead of the fan exhausting from louvered side panels, you can choose to guide the air to either end of the vial dryer through an air duct installed beneath the fans. The exhaust can then be directed to any location using standard HVAC system components.

Manual Tray Loader

Garvey’s manual tray loader can be configured to feed various tray and vial sizes onto the dryer section. The innovative design captures the edge of the tray by raising slightly as it is positioned for loading.

Down Vial Reject Device

As the dried vial exit the machine in a single row, this device will reject any vials that are lying down. The vials are gently guided into a stainless steel bin which is lined with a soft rubber cushion.

HMI Strong Arm Mount

Our precision-designed products combine the ruggedness of our industrial displays with our wide range of fully customized enclosures, articulating arms, unlimited mounting solutions, and wide range of accessories including keyboards, pointers, PCs and Thin Clients to provide the ideal solution for any operator interface application.

Andon lights

Andon lights come in handy because of their relative simplicity and their ability to be seen from a distance and attract the eye, especially in places where noise is high and other signals might not be noticed. Depending on the color that displays, workers can immediately rectify problems and get the production line moving again.