Transforming Processing Lines to Meet Consumer Demand

Apr 16, 2020 | Company News, Manufacturing

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to the CPG manufacturing industry. Demand for packaged foods has skyrocketed as consumers now eat most of their meals at home, and companies are struggling to keep up with this demand while also modifying their operations to keep their workers safe. In addition, many companies are transforming their production lines to make critical products.

At Garvey, we specialize in helping companies improve their throughput. Of course, we never could have imagined the current crisis, but we’re glad that we’re in a position to be a small part of the solution. We’ve already worked on a few projects to tackle the new challenges:

  • Helping a vodka manufacturer transform their line to produce hand sanitizer
  • Helping an applesauce producer increase throughput to meet heightened consumer demand

If you need to ramp up production or transform your line quickly to make products vital to keeping us all safe, we will make your project a top priority. Please stay safe, and if you need assistance on a vital project, contact us.