Distribution Systems

Simplify your production line and increase your throughput

Do you need to transfer products from a mass flow to parallel stations for further processing or packaging? In a traditional metering system, products typically have to stop at every station before moving to the next one. This process is slow and inefficient, and often the machines at the end of the line sit idle waiting for products to reach them. Plus, if the machine at one station goes down, the whole line goes down with it.

Our on-demand distribution systems use our patented accumulation technology to keep your production line running and increase your throughput by feeding parallel processing machines on-demand.

No machine is ever waiting for product, and a failure in one machine does not impact the rest of the line.

Examples of products we can distribute


Bagels moving from the oven to multiple baggers


Pill bottles moving to multiple inspection stations


Automobile parts moving to multiple machining stations

Watch our distribution system in action

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Why choose Garvey?

Our on-demand distribution systems keep production lines moving. Here are the key features and benefits of our solutions.

Benefits of Garvey on-demand distribution equipment:

Increased throughput

No machines sitting idle

No backpressure = no product damage

Smaller footprint than traditional metering system

Reduced electrical consumption