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Maximize your production with accumulation

Garvey’s mission is to maximize your production. One of the ways we achieve this is by analyzing your production lines and incorporating accumulation systems to keep your constraint running. Learn more about constraints and how they impact your throughput.

Our patented accumulation tables and accumulation conveyors can handle the most unstable products at the highest rates in the industry. They also provide the lowest total cost of ownership, with payback periods counted in months, not years.

Examples of products we can accumulate


Aerosol cans


Aluminum cans






Beer bottles


Frozen food trays


Granola bars


Pill bottles


Plastic jars and tubs


Reverse tapered wine bottles


Single-serve coffee cups


Snack pies and cakes




Yogurt cups

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Why choose Garvey?

Our patented accumulation systems provide the fastest run rates in the industry. Here are the key features and benefits of our solutions.

Key features of Garvey accumulation equipment:

No conveyor transfer plates

Conveyor transfer plates, aka dead plates, contribute to product instability and collisions and limit the speed at which lines can run. We have eliminated dead plates on all of our systems.

Pressureless loop technology

Backpressure can also cause damage and collisions. Our patented pressureless loop technology protects your products by eliminating backpressure.

High-speed outfeed

On most accumulation systems, all of the lanes run at the same speed. As a result, the products become nested, which means they must be de-nested at the pickoff point. Our accumulation tables feature a patented slowdown lane that de-nests products before they reach the pickoff point, reducing turbulence and also allowing processors to increase their overall line speeds by as much as 300%.

Benefits of Garvey accumulation equipment


Increase throughput by up to 30%


Maximize line uptime by keeping your constraint running


Eliminate product and label damage with patented zero backpressure technology


Minimize maintenance costs


Shrink equipment footprint


Meet sustainability initiatives with lower energy use


Reduce noise

Accumulation tables

Infinity Accumulation Tables

The Infinity Accumulation Table is our most versatile machine. In addition to the main accumulation function, the Infinity can single-file, unscramble, orient, and feed products into multiple lanes. It can also be configured to serve as a distribution system to feed multiple locations around its perimeter. The Infinity comes in several models to meet your unique needs. Learn More

Spiral Infinity Accumulation Table

The Spiral Infinity Accumulation Table combines Garvey’s patented Infinity with Ryson Mass Flow Spirals to create the most efficient conveyor available. This machine is ideal for handling full or empty containers including bottles, cans, and jars that need to be conveyed vertically in a mass flow. The Spiral Infinity has a significantly smaller footprint than a traditional accumulation table. Learn More

3D Infinity Accumulation Table

The 3D Infinity Accumulation Table offers all of the benefits of our patented Infinity Accumulation Table, with the added ability to simultaneously achieve orientation and accumulation. We designed this machine for processors struggling to orient products while processing at high speeds. It’s perfect for feeding trays to packaging lines, pies exiting a cooling tunnel, and much more. Learn More

Bi-Flo Accumulation Table

Bi-Flo Accumulation Tables use opposing conveyor movement to create a buffer for product accumulation in a small footprint. Our Bi-Flo Accumulators come in a variety of configurations, including the Multizone Bi-Flo Table, which was designed specifically for the food industry. Learn More

Infinity Rx Accumulation Table

The Infinity Rx Accumulation Table provides previously impossible run rates for the pharmaceutical industry with no vial damage. It can accumulate and single-file 2ml and 3ml vials at over 800 vials/minute. The system provides complete access to all interior and exterior surfaces for easy cleaning. Learn More

Infinity Rx Rotary Replacement Accumulators

These table top accumulators have the lowest operational cost of any accumulator on the market. They were designed to replace rotary tables and turntable accumulators, and they provide faster outfeed with less pressure and no vial damage. These accumulators are used primarily in the pharmaceutical industry, but they can run a wide variety of products.
Learn More

Use our line efficiency calculator to determine how much more throughput you could be getting with a Garvey accumulation system: