How Accumulation Saved Christmas

Dec 22, 2023 | Accumulation

In a factory nestled in a snow-dusted town,

Where machines clattered, turning gears round and round,

The Christmas rush was in full, bustling sway,

But oh, what a fumble, what dismay, dismay!


For the production line, as busy as bees,

Could not keep up, oh help them, please!

Orders piled up, like mountains so steep,

The workers were worried, no time for sleep.


Then in came a whisper, a solution so bright,

“Let’s add Accumulation, it’ll make everything right!”

With a whir and a click, the new system in place,

The line started moving, oh what a race!


Accumulation, like magic, smoothed the flow,

Keeping products a-moving, never too slow.

Gifts were now ready, wrapping up quick,

The solution was clever, it did the trick!


No more jams, no more delays,

The factory hummed with efficient ways.

Toys, gadgets, and goodies, all sorts of cheer,

Ready for homes, far and near.


So thanks to Accumulation, the day was saved,

The workers cheered, they raved and raved.

Christmas joy spread, thanks to this fix,

To everyone’s relief, even St Nick’s!


And so in the town, lights twinkling bright,

They celebrated Christmas, a merry, merry night.

For thanks to a system, so clever, so wise,

Joy was delivered, under starry skies.