Our Top 5 Articles of 2020

Jan 4, 2021 | Company News

It’s finally time to turn the page on 2020. We hope you and your loved ones have stayed safe and healthy and that you’re looking forward to an amazing 2021!

In case you missed them, here are the top 5 articles from our blog this year.

1. Introducing Virtual FATs and Service Calls

In April, in response to COVID-related travel restrictions, we launched virtual factory acceptance tests (FATs) and service calls. It has been such a success that we expect demand for virtual service to continue even after the pandemic is over.

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2. How Eliminating Production Line Dead Plates Boosts Throughput by Increasing Product Stability

One of the features that differentiates our equipment from other options on the market is that we build all of our conveyors without dead plates. This increases product stability, even for challenging applications like lightweight vials, which allows manufacturers to run their lines faster without jamming the equipment or damaging the product.

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3. How Shibuya Hoppmann Improves Their Clients’ Line Efficiency and Boosts Uptime by Partnering with Garvey

Shibuya Hoppmann is an automation equipment manufacturer specializing in feeding, filling, aseptic filling, capping, labeling, and assembly systems for a range of markets. For a recent project, we worked with their team to develop an accumulation solution for very light, very unstable products.

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4. Efficiency vs Productivity: Are You Setting Your Company Up for Growth?

If your goal is to increase efficiency, at some point, you will likely top out. You might also discover that the results were not what you hoped for. That’s why we suggest that your primary focus be productivity, measured in throughput.

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5. How Many of These Problems Are Dead Plates Causing on Your Production Lines?

Dead plates can cause all sorts of problems on production lines, from downtime to increased labor costs. Learn about the various negative impacts of dead plates and why we’ve eliminated them from our equipment.

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