Huge Improvements for Small Vials

Jun 22, 2016 | Equipment, Accumulation, Pharmaceutical

Garvey’s Infinity Rx Now Handles 1.5-milliliter Small Vials

Garvey’s patented Infinity Rx systems are the best in the industry at handling small vials and other extremely unstable products. Garvey equipment routinely accumulates 2-milliliter vials and out-feeds them at rates up to 900 vials per minute to match the speeds of today’s fastest labelers, inspection machines and cappers. However, vials smaller than 2 milliliters create a challenge because of their extremely small diameter.

The vials are stable on the straight sections of the accumulator, but when the conveyor chain travels around a curve, small gaps are created between the outside portions of the chain links that cause the vials to fall. Garvey’s engineers devised a set of guides that not only stabilize the vials through the curve, but also keep the vials away from the problematic areas of the conveyor chain. Stability issues are even more evident when the glass is warm and squeaky clean, and the new Infinity Rx performs well even under these
tough conditions.

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