Why Choose a Bi-Flo Accumulation Table for Your Production?

Oct 2, 2023 | Equipment, Food Processing & Packaging, Automation

Efficiency and reliability are critical for lasting success in the fast-paced manufacturing world. Regarding accumulation tables, Garvey’s Bi-Flo™ stands out as the top choice for industries requiring precise handling of stable products, especially at slower speeds.

Below, we’ll explore why accumulators like the Bi-Flo are superior for manufacturers looking to improve their production speed and throughput.

Meeting and Exceeding Industry Needs

The Bi-Flo accumulation system is tailor-made for industries seeking efficient product accumulation and distribution solutions. By using opposing conveyor movements, the machine creates a buffer for product accumulation while providing a small footprint for manufacturers.

Whether you need to feed downstream machines at the beginning of a production line or accumulate products for manual unloading at the end, the Bi-Flo excels in both scenarios. Its ability to take a single flow of products and distribute them into multiple lanes is a testament to its versatility and adaptability to various manufacturing setups.

Unrivaled Performance and Dependability

Garvey is the original creator of the Bi-Flo, and its unmatched performance and dependability have solidified its reputation in the industry. While some have tried replicating its design, none match the original standards.

One key advantage of Garvey’s Bi-Flo is its environmental friendliness. Utilizing a single motor to drive both chain directions, significantly reduces energy consumption, making it a sustainable choice for your manufacturing operations.

Setting it Apart from the Competition

Garvey Bi-Flow pictured from above with glass bottles on the conveyor belt.

While other conveyor companies may attempt to replicate the basic structure of the Bi-Flo, our unique system senses through. One standout feature is using a single drive to operate the conveyors in two directions.

This ability reduces installation costs and makes the system more efficient to run. Even though other accumulation tables may have a similar structure, our team’s extensive knowledge ensures that the Bi-Flo operates smoothly without jams or disruptions.

Dedicated to Continuous Improvement

Garvey is committed to innovation and improvement. The recent redesign of the Bi-Flo has made it more standardized and cost-effective. Now, extending the system’s length is easier than ever, and manufacturing lead times have been significantly reduced to just a couple of weeks.

Industry Success

Some of the world’s top nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage manufacturers are using our Bi-Flo Accumulation Tables. Countless companies have benefited from experiencing increased throughput, reduced equipment downtime, and overall enhanced efficiency. These success stories underscore the Bi-Flo’s ability to make a substantial positive impact on diverse manufacturing processes.

Choosing the Right Accumulation System

Before deciding on an accumulation system, consider the longevity and reputation of the manufacturer. Garvey, with a history dating back to 1926, has consistently stood behind every Bi-Flo it has manufactured.

In a world where other companies may come and go, Garvey remains a steadfast partner, dedicated to supporting your equipment and keeping your production line running smoothly for years to come. When you choose Garvey, you’re choosing a legacy of excellence that will elevate your manufacturing line to new heights. Schedule a test with our team.