Navigating the Integration of Conveyor & Accumulation Systems

Nov 8, 2023 | Accumulation, Packaging, Integrators

In manufacturing and distribution, the seamless flow of products along the production line is critical to success. The integration of accumulation and conveyor systems is pivotal in this process.

As a provider of conveyor solutions, we often encounter questions about how integrators and manufacturers collaborate to create efficient production lines.

This comprehensive blog sheds light on the integration process, the differences between integrators and OEM manufacturers, and why working with an integrator can be beneficial.

1. The Role of Integrators in Line Design and Redesign

Integrators are the architects of your production lines. They take on the task of designing the line, procuring equipment, handling controls, and ensuring smooth installation for the end-user. Whether they are Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) or engineering companies, integrators provide a one-stop solution for customers, making the entire process streamlined and efficient.

2. How Integrators Differ from OEM Manufacturers

When an OEM serves as an integrator, it typically involves smaller-scale projects. OEMs facilitate equipment purchases and integration for customers. Integrators, on the other hand, handle the broader aspects of line design and redesign.

3. The Goals and Approaches of Integrators vs. Garvey

Integrators focus on specifying the required equipment and creating layouts that align with the customer’s needs. They take on the responsibility of installation and control implementation, offering a comprehensive package.

At Garvey, our approach differs. After specifying equipment, we analyze each machine’s downtime and identify constraints on the production line. We prioritize non-constraint machine uptime, utilizing strategic accumulation to optimize production line throughput. Our goal is to ensure that non-constrained machines never cause constraint downtime. This Line Analysis can boost overall throughput by up to 30% and offer a rapid return on investment (ROI).

4. Benefits of Working with Integrators

The primary benefit of working with integrators is the convenience of a single point of contact. Customers can mitigate risk and simplify project management by entrusting the entire project to the integrator.

5. Benefits of Solely Working with OEM Manufacturers

Working solely with OEM manufacturers is advantageous when customers seek a consolidated risk approach, as the OEM takes on the entirety of the project’s risk.

6. Collaborating with Integrators: The Process

When working alongside an integrator, we respond to their Request for Qualification (RFQ) with our equipment quote. If we win the project, the integrator becomes our customer.

7. Factors Influencing Project Success

Effective communication with the end customer plays a significant role in project success. Garvey’s ability to demonstrate a 20-30% increase in productivity often positions us as the preferred choice.

8. Success Stories: Collaboration with Integrators

An example of our successful collaboration with an integrator involved a project that required feeding a machine in eight lanes. Through innovative solutions, we achieved over 20% increased throughput using our patented Infinity system, offering three minutes of accumulation.

9. Post-Project Maintenance and Repairs

Garvey offers maintenance agreements and equipment audits after project completion, depending on the project’s nature and agreement with the integrator.

10. Industries Impacting Integrators

Several industries, such as food, pharmaceutical, beverage, automotive, and industrial, significantly influence integrators’ operations. Our focus is on reaching out to integrators across these sectors.

The integration of conveyor systems is vital to the manufacturing and distribution landscape. As a provider of conveyor solutions, we understand the importance of collaboration between integrators and manufacturers. Whether it’s about designing efficient production lines, increasing throughput, or addressing specific industry needs, we are committed to providing solutions that streamline operations and enhance efficiency.