Our Top 5 Articles of 2021

Dec 14, 2021 | Equipment, Company News

We’ve come to the end of another interesting year. At Garvey, we spent the last 12 months developing new equipment solutions to help manufacturers optimize their production lines and increase their throughput. This focus is evident in our Top 5 articles for 2021.

1. Garvey Launches Its Largest Accumulation Table to Date: The G10 Infinity Accumulator

In October, we announced the launch of our new G10 Infinity Accumulator. This latest addition to our Infinity lineup delivers 100 to 150 square feet of accumulation, with bigger custom builds available on request.

Watch the G10 in action on YouTube.

2. Boosting Bottling Line Efficiency to Improve Product Quality

In the beer industry, precise temperature control is key to achieving delicious results. Having any machine fail during processing or packaging can mean product sits on the line, possibly at a non-ideal temperature. This is common during bottling – the filler stops (typically because the labeler needs to be refilled), which means product sits in the pipeline getting warm. These stops and starts can cause inconsistent fills.

Read on to learn how accumulation systems can provide buffers to keep your bottling line running.

3. Accumulate, Orient, Single-File – Our 3D Infinity Does It All

Do you have rectangular products (e.g., snack cakes, frozen food trays, granola bars) that need to move from a mass flow into a single file? This can be a challenge at high speeds, and multiple pieces of equipment are often required for each step. But our 3D Infinity Accumulator can do it all, reducing your machine footprint, lowering spare parts and maintenance costs, and decreasing energy consumption.

Watch the 3D Infinity in action on YouTube.

4. Garvey’s Next-Generation Automatic Vial Tray Loading System Increases Pharmaceutical Line Speeds, Minimizes Vial Damage

The pandemic brought the speed and efficiency of pharmaceutical manufacturing lines to the top of everyone’s mind. To help drugmakers increase their line speeds while protecting vials from damage, we combined our tray loading solution with our patented accumulation technology to create a next-generation vial tray loading system that can boost throughput as much as 30%.

Watch the tray loader in action on YouTube.

5. Garvey’s New On-Demand Distribution Systems Transfer Products to Parallel Stations with No Stopping, No Waiting, and No Downtime

Finally, this year we also introduced a new on-demand distribution system that can feed products from a mass flow to parallel processing stations much faster than traditional metering systems. We think of it like this: “A metering system is like a street with a red light at every intersection. Garvey’s on-demand distribution system is a superhighway.” Whether you need to feed machining stations, depucking stations, or packaging stations, a distribution system will help you speed up production and maximize your throughput.

Watch the distribution system in action on YouTube.

Thank you for reading our content in 2021. We look forward to continuing to engage with you in 2022!