Garvey Launches Its Largest Accumulation Table to Date: The G10 Infinity Accumulator

Oct 27, 2021 | Equipment, Accumulation, Company News

New solution delivers 100 to 150 square feet of accumulation, with bigger custom builds available


Garvey, the leading provider of accumulation, conveying, and automation solutions, today announces the launch of the G10 Series Infinity Accumulator, the company’s largest accumulation table to date. The G10 delivers 100 to 150 square feet of accumulation, with bigger custom builds available on request. The G10 has a wide outfeed with multiple lanes, enabling it to feed multiple processing or packaging machines.

“With the addition of the G10, Garvey’s line of Infinity Accumulators can now provide anywhere from 15 to over 150 square feet of accumulation, accommodating products of all sizes at a high speed,” said Thomas Garvey, the company’s president. “This new machine will allow us not only to help our current customers expand their production capacity to meet today’s high demand, but also will enable us to move into new industries that require high-speed, high-throughput processing.”

Garvey’s accumulation tables feature several patented and industry-leading technologies that make them the top solutions on the market:

  • No dead plates — Garvey systems do not contain any conveyor transfer plates, aka dead plates, which are stationary flat surfaces between two conveyors. Dead plates can cause product instability and limit line speeds. With no dead plates, Garvey accumulation systems can run much faster than competing systems.
  • Pressureless loop technology — Garvey’s patented pressureless loop technology eliminates back pressure so that products do not collide as they move along the conveyor. This reduces product loss and also facilitates faster line speeds.
  • High-speed outfeed — Garvey uses a patented slowdown lane to move products from a nested to a stacked formation at the pick-off point. This reduces turbulence and allows for faster outfeed.

Learn more about all of Garvey’s Infinity Accumulators on the company website:

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