Garvey’s Next-Generation Automatic Vial Tray Loading System Increases Pharmaceutical Line Speeds, Minimizes Vial Damage

Jun 23, 2021 | Equipment, Pharmaceutical, Company News

New solution combines tray loading with accumulation to eliminate a common bottleneck on pharma packaging lines.


Even modern automated pharmaceutical manufacturing lines often contain inefficient processes that create bottlenecks and slow down production. For example, tray loading is still frequently performed manually or by machines that don’t have the flexibility to accommodate different loading patterns or vial sizes. As a result, these processing lines must run at a slower-than-desired rate, which limits production capacity and the drugmaker’s revenue potential.

Garvey Corporation recently released its next-generation automatic vial tray loading system, which combines advanced tray loading equipment with our patented Infinity RX accumulation table. The new solution solves these problems and allows pharmaceutical manufacturers to increase their throughput as much as 30%.

Here’s what makes the new Garvey tray loading system unique in the industry:

  • By combining tray loading with accumulation, the system can simultaneously load, accumulate, and lane products.
  • The modular design allows processors to incorporate multiple tray loaders to achieve the desired throughput. For example, a dual tray loader can handle up to 450 vials per minute.
  • The tray loader is highly flexible. It can accommodate different loading patterns (i.e., straight or nested rows), as well as different vial sizes.
  • Garvey’s patented pressureless loop technology provides gentle handling to eliminate vial damage.

Garvey’s equipment is also guarded for operator safety and built to withstand cleanroom sanitation processes.

“As pharmaceutical line speeds increase, manufacturers require more advanced and more flexible equipment to meet their production goals,” says Thomas Garvey, President of Garvey Corporation. “Especially in light of COVID-19, our focus has been on how we can best support the pharmaceutical industry. We hope that, by eliminating a frequent bottleneck in the manufacturing process, we can help drugmakers in their quest to manufacture and distribute life-saving medicines safely and efficiently.”

To learn more, visit the Garvey website or watch the Automatic Tray Loading System in action on YouTube.

About Garvey

For nearly 100 years, Garvey Corporation has been a leader in producing conveying, accumulating, and automation solutions for the pharmaceutical industry that can help increase throughput by up to 30%. Garvey’s line of solutions includes cutting-edge accumulation tables, rotary tables, conveyors, and more essentials to make your production lines more efficient. Visit Garvey online or follow the company on social media: FacebookTwitterYouTubeLinkedIn.