Maximizing Line Speeds and Minimizing Product Damage: Garvey’s Infinity Accumulator’s Patented Slowdown Lane Technology

Mar 1, 2023 | Uncategorized

Garvey’s Infinity accumulators revolutionized the manufacturing industry with their patented slowdown lane technology.

All of our accumulation tables serve the same purpose: to keep the production line moving without interruption. Accumulators allow the rest of your machines to have a steady supply of products to process by providing buffers. Having a slowdown lane is unique to Garvey systems because it sustainably helps increase the production rate while lowering the likelihood of product damage during processing.

What’s the Purpose of a Slowdown Lane?

Our systems are able to outfeed unstable products faster and more efficiently than any other competitor on the market. By adding a slow-down lane to our accumulation systems, we’ve been able to double, and sometimes even triple, line speeds.

The key to this improvement is how products approach the outfeed on a typical accumulation table. Without a slowdown lane, products tend to come to the outfeed in a nested formation, which can cause turbulence and damage to the product.

Graphic showing the typical outfeed of an accumulator and how products bunch together

Our slowdown lane, however, is moving 10-15% slower than the rest of the belt. This causes the products to stack instead of nesting, making them easier to separate without turbulence. As a result, we are able to increase the line speed and prevent product instability and damage.

Graphic showing high speed outfeed because of an additional slow down lane. Products now merge together rather than stack.

For additional insight, we recommended checking out our slowdown lane video.

As you can see in the side-by-side comparison, when products hit the slow lane, rather than testing between the products in the outfeed lane, they become stacked instead. This revolutionary slowdown lane makes it simple and effective to separate products without jostling them, solving any instability issues and allowing you to increase the line speed and, therefore, the production rate.

Industries that Benefit Most from Our Patented Technology

Our patented slowdown lane is particularly beneficial in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, where the stability of small vials is of utmost concern. With our patented slowdown lane technology, we are able to achieve run rates of up to 900 units/minute, the highest rate for single filing in the industry.

However, any manufacturer that works with unstable products made from glass can significantly benefit from having an accumulator with a slowdown lane, including beverage, food, personal care, and nutraceutical manufacturers. If your goal is to maximize your production, an accumulator designed to handle unique, unstable products can make a huge difference.

Overall, Garvey’s Infinity accumulators are a game-changer in the manufacturing industry, offering a simple yet effective solution to increase line speeds and prevent product instability and damage. We understand that every product is different, and we can help you test your products on our accumulation systems.

If you schedule a test with us, our experts will work with you to find the right solution for your specific product. Our patented and proven solutions have worked across pharmaceutical, food, beverage, and personal care applications.

If you have questions, contact us to learn more about how our technology can benefit your manufacturing process.