Garvey Teams Up With Econocorp at the CBC

Apr 21, 2017 | Company News

The teams at Garvey Corporation and Econocorp’s decision to work together this year at the Craft was a huge success. The Beer-Flo™ machine, a model of our standard Bi-Flo™, worked perfectly and garnered plenty of attention from patrons at the event. The beer probably didn’t hurt either.

Our Beer-Flo™ was running filled bottles during the CBC to show potential customers why it is beneficial to put in their lines. Whether a line is big or small, Garvey’s systems have been proven to increase thruput up to 30%.Designed to accommodate a variety of infeed and outfeed combination, the Bi-Flo™ has the flexibility to meet the needs of any company.

While Garvey’s booth was presenting the buffering capabilities of theBi-Flo™ table, it was Econocorp who was showcasing the Beer-Flo™ in action. The machine we provided our partners at Econocorp was placed in a model line before their cartoner. Our Bi-Flo™ is often utilized throughout a companies line to minimize downtime and maximize production.

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