G3 Series Infinity Accumulation System

The G3 Series is our most compact Infinity™ system. Its accumulation area ranges from 15-25 square feet and it can handle products from 1″ to 3.25″ in diameter and square products from 1 square inch to 1.25 square inches.

G5 Series Infinity Accumulation System

The G5 Series is an excellent solution for a wide variety of products from round and square prescription bottles to rectangular juice containers. Its accumulation area ranges from 40 to 60 square feet and unstable products like reversed tapered wine bottles can be single filed at rates up to 300 bottles per minute. By adding a small combiner this Infinity can single file wine bottles up to 600bpm.

G7 Series Infinity Accumulation System

The G7 Series is the best solution when increased buffer is required. The large accumulation area ranges from 62 to 93 square feet. The G7’s wide outfeed enable it to provide a multiple lane outfeed to supply containers to a case packer or robotic system.

W-300 Wine Infinity™ Accumulation Table

The W-300 Wine Infinity takes our patented technology to accumulate and single file even the most unstable of products and tailors the machine specifically to handle the needs that are demanded in the wine industry.

Custom Infinity Accumulation System

Our custom Infinity System can be anything you can dream up. We have made systems well over 100 feet long to provide accumulation, multiple laning, array building and distribution systems to name a few.