Dancing Robots and Great Beer

May 10, 2016 | Company News

The Craft Brewers Conference in Philadelphia last week was fantastic. We want to thank everyone who stopped by Garvey’s booth and we really want to thank all of the breweries who provided the great beer for us to try!

It wasn’t all dancing robots and great beer (although there was a dancing robot and great beer). The atmosphere was fantastic and we met a ton of brewers and manufacturers that we look forward to working with very soon!

The Craft Brewing Industry is as unique as it gets, but the one thing they all have in common is a great love for the beer they brew. And make no mistake, the star of the show was certainly the beer.

With stands every few feet it seemed, you could try hundreds of craft brews that were pretty much all spectacular. Our very own Jake Garvey, being a beer aficionado himself, was in (beer) heaven. Jake was more than willing to advise anyone and everyone which beers he felt were the ones to try. When Jake wasn’t discussing the beer, he was advising visitors how to maximize the throughput of their production lines.

Did I mention the dancing robot? (he also sang) Well, here it is.