When to Use an Infinity Vs a Bi-Flo Accumulation System

Oct 9, 2019 | Equipment, Accumulation

If you’re considering adding accumulation to your production lines, congratulations! You’ve taken the first step toward maximizing your throughput.

Now, the big question is…”What type of accumulation?”

At Garvey, we offer two main lines of accumulation systems, our InfinityTM accumulation tables and our Bi-FloTM accumulation tables.

Both of these lines will increase your productivity by protecting your constraint, and they can both outfeed products into single-file, double-file, or a mass flow. But there are some differences between the systems that determine the applications for which they’re best suited.

Infinity accumulation systems

The Infinity is the most versatile accumulation system available. It’s essentially five machines in one:

  • It’s a buffer that increases throughput by protecting your constraint.
  • It’s the fastest single-filer on the market.
  • It can output products into multiple lanes to feed a case packer or robotic system.
  • It can serve as a distribution system to feed multiple locations around its perimeter.
  • The 3D Infinity can unscramble, as well as orient, rectangular products.

The Infinity is a zero backpressure system, so it can handle even the most unstable products, like small vials, tapered cups, and reverse tapered wine bottles. Our patented technology also ensures no breakage, no label damage, and minimal noise.

Infinity systems excel on high-throughput lines (300+ products per minute). The 3D Infinity was specifically designed for processors struggling to orient challenging products — like trays feeding packaging lines and pies exiting a cooling tunnel — at high speeds. They come in sizes from 15 to 150 square feet. We can also customize them to meet your unique needs.


Bi-Flo accumulation systems

The Bi-Flo is the first accumulation system we ever made. In 1981, we were approached by a manufacturer of artillery products. They were too heavy for a rotary table to handle without jamming, so we invented the first bi-flow accumulation system, which is basically two conveyors running in opposite directions to create a circular flow of product.

Like the Infinity, the Bi-Flo can outfeed products in single-file, double-file, or mass flow. Unlike many of the competing systems, our units have no conveyor transfer plates, aka dead plates, because the conveyors lie flush. And, thanks to our patented design, the machines won’t jam.

Bi-Flo systems are recommended on slower lines (up to 300 products per minute). Example applications include delicate products, like small glass vials, and unstable products, like heavy wine bottles. While we can custom engineer large Bi-Flos when necessary, these tables typically have a smaller footprint and a lower price tag than the Infinity line.


Rotary accumulation table

Finally, while we built the Bi-Flo to solve the jamming problem associated with rotary tables, there are times when a rotary table is the perfect solution. In particular, we recommend our rotary accumulation table for accumulating very small products on a low-throughput line. These machines are cost-effective and have a very small footprint.


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