Maximizing Thruput: What You Need to Know

Jul 11, 2017 | Manufacturing

It is really simple.

If you know:

  1. The maximum RATE of the machine
  2. The average length of time a machine is down (MTR)
  3. How many times per hour or shift it goes down (MTBF)

You have everything you need! Remember, it does not need to be exact.

There are checks built into the system that will verify if the numbers are way off, and you only need estimates. Once the first pass is down it will pinpoint which pieces of data need to be verified. This saves a ton of work.

I know this is contrary to everything you’ve learned in the past, however, once you go through the process several times you begin to gain confidence in its accuracy and validity. Over the years we have done literally hundreds of these analyses for people and have rarely been off by more than  5% of their actual production outputs.

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Stay tuned for our next installment, which will be an actual example of one of our thruput calculations.