Maximizing Thruput: Find It (Existing Line)

Jul 6, 2017 | Manufacturing

The analysis of the line is a fairly simple process, which will do the following:

  1. Identify the constraint
  2. Identify strategic buffer locations
  3. Identify the optimum capacity for the buffers
  4. Verify that there is sufficient rate capacity of the non-constraints
  5. Predict the effect on overall thruput
  6. Determine efficiency thresholds for each machine

The collection of the data is surprisingly simple.  It can be accomplished a number of ways. Once you understand the principles behind the analysis process you will see how easy it is to compile the data.

The key here is not to overkill the data collection process.

Once the process is understood, you will realize that most of the information that you collect will not need to be accurate. There are only a few pieces of data that will require closer examination.

This greatly reduces the amount of work required to produce significant results.

For the next step, check out the next installment, Maximizing Thruput: What You Need to Know.