Automatic Vial Tray Loading

Load pharmaceutical vials at unprecedented speeds

Is your tray loading equipment causing bottlenecks on your pharma processing line? Garvey’s new automatic vial tray loader will help you maximize your throughput and keep your line running, while ensuring gentle handling to minimize vial damage.

Our complete system integrates one or more tray loaders with our patented Infinity RX accumulation table.

What you can do with Garvey’s automatic tray loading system


Incorporate multiple tray loaders to achieve higher throughput


Build different patterns (i.e., straight or nested rows) using recipes


Load vials of different sizes with easy changeover


Accumulate and lane products simultaneously

Watch our tray loading system in action

Why choose Garvey?

Our vial tray loading systems speed your production lines while protecting your products.

Benefits of Garvey automatic tray loaders:

Increased throughput

No backpressure = no product damage


Easy changover

Designed for wipedown