Wine Bottles

Customer’s Challenge

Customer was looking to improve efficiency of line.

Product Specifications


Product --------- Full Glass Wine Bottles

750 ml
Straight Wall, Tapered Wall, Reverse Tapered Wall
2.829″ (min) to 3.484″ (max)
11.438″ (min) to 13″ (max)
2.8 lbs (min) to 3.2 lbs (max)
Rate In
375 BPM
Rate Out
400 BPM

Description of Function

By performing a Line Analysis Test, we are able to determine the constraint as the Monoblock, a Rinser/Filler/Capper/Corker machine. In order improve the efficiency of a line we must keep the constraint, or in this case the Monoblock, running as often as possible. By integrating an Infinity™ Style Accumulator between the Monoblock and the Capsuler it will act as a buffer for products that will decrease unnecessary downtime on the Monoblock, ultimately improving the productivity. Our G7 Infinity™ Style Accumulator #1 will accumulate a capacity of 1,935 bottles at 2.839” ø for 4.8 minutes and 1,270 bottles at 3.484” ø for 3.2 minutes. Products will enter the table in single file and depending on the condition of the line bottles will either accumulate keeping the Monoblock running and alleviating any downtime or exit bottles through the outfeed lane. The outfeed lane will convey products double-row-nested and will single file products through a pressure combiner to feed the customers Capsuler.

Drawing for Project

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Other US & International Patents Pending