Vials – Tray Loading

Customer’s Challenge

Customer was looking for a Tray Loading Station as well as an increase in line efficiency.

Product Specifications


Product --------- Vials

450 VPM

Description of Function

GRx5 Infinity™ Series Accumulation Table #1 will have 2 (two) tray loading stations where trays of vials will be manually loaded onto the table, emptied trays can then be discarded through conveyors integrated under the table to feed an ‘Empty tray’ loading station. Accumulation Table #1 can accumulate a capacity of 878 vials for 2 minutes before outfeeding vials through two discrete single file lanes at 450 vpm. Vials will then convey through a Reject Station and onto GRx Infinity™ Style Accumulation Table #2 which will act as a buffer between the Tray Loading Table #1 and the Labeler. Depending on the downstream conditions of the line, Accumulation Table #2 will either accumulate the product allowing the Tray Loading Station to continue operation without slowing down or vials will convey through and feed the Labeler.

Drawing for Project

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Other US & International Patents Pending