Tobacco Tins

Product Specifications


Product --------- Tobacco Pucks


Size --------- Single


Diameter --------- 2.5825"


Height --------- 0.93"


Weight --------- 3.5 oz.


Rate --------- As Noted

Customer’s Challenge

The customer needed a design that would fill, cap, label, wrap, and pack tobacco pucks at a rate of 3,000 cpm with little backpressure on product and max efficiency.

Garvey’s Solution

To reach the intended goal of 3,000 cpm and being one of the more advanced custom systems designed and manufactured by Garvey, Garvey took full advantage of our Infinity style accumulators. The ability of our Infinity systems to accumulate a mass flow of product at high speeds while relieving back pressure works perfect in this scenario.

To begin with, 4 separate Fillers feeding pucks at 750 cpm each simultaneously, it was appropriate to follow with 4 separate Infinity systems. Each Infinity system will accumulate and outfeed products into 2 lanes (8 total) to be capped, inverted, and merged onto a larger Infinity#5. Because of Garvey’s abiliyt to customize any table, we were able to design our Infinity systems to accumulate the mass flow of product coming off Infinity#1-4 (3600 cpm). Pucks will accumulate and exit through 10 separate lanes to be labeled and merged onto a larger, 6-lane wide conveyor that will then be shuttle pucks to Infinity#6. Infinity #6 will be feeding 3 separate wrapping machines, each wrapping machine will outfeed product in 2 lanes, 5 puck stacks. These stacks will be elevated and single filed into our custom Twist Gripper that will orient the stacks up-right to be conveyed to our final Infinity#7 accumulator. To finish off this system, Infinity#7 will outfeed 5-puck stacks in 2 different locations, 2 lanes each, to be inverted and elevated to 2 separate Case Packers that will be packaging 162 Stacks per minute each or 1,620 pucks per minute each.

Drawing for Project

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