Single Serve Coffee Cups

Product Specifications


Product --------- Foil Sealed Plastic Cups


Shape --------- Tapered


Diameter Top --------- 2.04"


Height --------- 2"


Weight --------- 4 oz.


Rate In --------- 300 CPM


Rate Out --------- 400 CPM (200 per lane)

Customer’s Challenge

Our customer’s task was to increase product throughput and the ability to bulk fill boxes and feed a cartoner.

Description of Function

Garvey’s ability to maximize efficiency within a line comes with many unique challenges. Because of this product’s design, accumulation would result in shingling if oriented upright. Garvey resolved this by flipping the cups upside down, giving more stability to the cup while accumulating at the intended rate. 

Cups will exit from the Filler up right in two discrete lanes. Each conveyor will transfer cups to a “C” Chute that will flip cups upside down and continue conveying them into Rx Infinity™ Style Accumulation Tables #1 & #2. Both Tables are capable of accumulation 1,551 cups for 5.2 minutes. A First In First Out (FIFO) infeed system was incorporated to minimize the time the foiled top of the product is riding on the chain eliminating possible wear. During intermediate periods of shutdown on the The Infinity Table utilizes 2 single file outfeed lanes to feed cups through Starwheel counters as they exit table. These Starwheel counters will keep count as cups are discharged into bulk boxes. During periods of downtime the Rx Infinity Table will begin to accumulate keeping the Filler running alleviating the chance of backup.

Ability to Bulk Fill and Feed a Cartoner

To learn more about our ‘C’ Chute Technology, click here: ‘C’ Chute Technology 

To learn more about FIFO Technology, click here: First In First Out (FIFO)

Drawing for Project

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