Round Plastic Prescription Bottle

Product Specifications


Product --------- Empty Plastic Bottles


Diameter --------- 1.87"Ø


Height --------- 3.625"


Weight --------- 3 OZ.


Infeed Rate --------- 500 BPM (250 BPM per unscrambler)


Labeler Rate --------- 350 BPM (20 BPM per outfeed lane)

Customer’s Challenge

Our customer needed to feed empty, unstable bottles to 14 separate labelers on demand.

Garvey’s Solution

This system is designed for empty bottles feeding labelers. Normally, bottles would come from an unscrambler, stand up, and in this case, have to feed 14 labelers. Then the bottles would have to be metered in place, which is a traffic nightmare. In our system, the bottles flow from an unscrambler and feed directly into our Infinity Accumulator. At which point, our system can feed any of the 14 labelers on demand whenever it is needed. This increases the overall throughput of the line without having any merging, dividing issues or traffic issues. Overall, our system will improve performance as much as double that of what a typical system would produce.

Drawing for Project

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International Patent # 1,461,275; 2004/4385; 2004/3144; 2003257101; 2003237267; 2002337898 & 2002366575
Other US & International Patents Pending