Mini Liquor Bottles

Customer’s Challenge

The customer was looking to increase product throughput and decrease downtime of line.

Product Specifications


Product --------- 50 ml Plastic Bottles

Customer to specify
2 oz. (50 ml)
500 BPM

Description of Function

G320SSL Series Infinity™ Style Accumulator Table #1 will accumulate a capacity of 1,650 bottles for approximately 3.5 minutes, entering in single file and exiting through a double-row outfeed to a single file pressure combiner. By placing an Accumulator at this point in the line it acts as a buffer between the Labeler and Packer so any downtime at the Packing machine would not affect operation of the line. Depending on those conditions of the Packer, bottles will either begin accumulation on the table which will alleviate product backup, allowing the Labeler to continue running or bottles will simply convey through.

Drawing for Project

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Other US & International Patents Pending