Fruit Cups

Customer Challenge

The customer was looking for a way to reduce unnecessary downtime throughout their line and ultimately improve their production.

Description of Function

By including Garvey’s Infinity® Series Accumulators #2-3 within this line, approximately 718 Full Plastic Fruit Cups will be able to accumulate for 1.2 minutes each. Products will enter en-masse onto Conveyors #1/#5, transfer onto conveyors #2/#6 and feed into Infinities. From here, depending on condition of the line, products will either accumulate, allowing for production of line before the tables to continue running, or outfeed in 2 lanes from each Infinity and splice into existing Sleevers.

Given the design of these cups, shingling was an issue when products would accumulate or back up causing issues with product flow on the tables and through the line. This was resolved by adding Lexan Hold Down Covers over Tables and infeed conveyors at points of concern. These Hold Down Covers would alleviate the chance of cups shingling and would keep line from jamming.

Product Specifications


Product --------- Full Plastic Fruit Cups







Rate In

600 cpm

Rate Out

650 cpm (325 cpm/lane)

Drawing for Project

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