Frozen Meals

Customer’s Challenge

Orientation of product

Product Specifications


Product --------- Filled/Sealed Tapered Plastic Trays

Top Width
Bottom Width
Top Length
Bottom Length
16 oz
24 oz
Infeed Rate
240 TPM
Outfeed Rate
120 TPM

Description of Function

Orientation is a common issue with non-symmetrical containers especially with food processors where product orientation is critical for continuation through the packaging line. With our 3D infinity™ Series Accumulator #1 we are able to accumulate a maximum of 220 tapered plastic trays used on this system as well as orient them in a single file with narrow edge leading to the outfeed lanes. All trays with wide edge leading will bypass the outfeed area by means of our 3D SST Slide Chute design declining from an elevation of 42” to an elevation of 36” @ first outfeed lane and elevation of 36” to an elevation of 30” at second outfeed lane. All trays that were not oriented correctly will fall down chutes and recirculate around Infinity table.

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Drawing for Project

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Other US & International Patents Pending