Empty Aluminum Cups

Customer’s Challenge

Goal was to buffer and feed multiple machines through one table.

Product Specifications


Product --------- Empty Aluminum Cups

2 oz.
Infeed Rate
1,500 CPM
Outfeed Rate
375 CPM per lane; 1,500 CPM total

Description of Function

G7105 Infinity™ Style Accumulator #1 w/ two (2) discrete double-row-nested outfeed lanes. Products will exit from customers’ existing equipment in single file and mass up through a slowdown transfer to Conveyor #4 that conveys product en masse onto the inside lanes of Infinity Table #1. By entering through the inside lanes this provides the desired FIFO (First In, First Out) System. The reason for this could be because the constraint in the line is after this accumulator. This will cause accumulator to be full all the time so by using the FIFO system it alleviates the risk of having product cycle on the table all day. This could harm the quality of that product. After products enter and accumulate, they will exit through two (2) discrete double-row-nested lanes onto speed-up-lane pressure combiner that will nest products into a single file. 

G7 Infinity™ Style Accumulators #2-#4 will perform the same task. Products will enter en masse, and depending on the condition of the line, products will either accumulate or convey through two (2) discrete double-row-nested outfeed lanes onto speed-up-lane pressure combiner that will nest products into a single file. 

G7 Infinity ™ Style Accumulator #5 will accumulate products en masse and depending on conditions throughout the line the table will either accumulate products or convey products through 4 discrete single file outfeed lanes. These outfeed lanes will convey products single file to four separate conveyors to be conveyed to their associated destinations.

Drawing for Project

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