Bottled Water

Customer’s Challenge

The customer was looking to increase product throughput. 

Product Specifications


Product --------- Plastic Bottles


12 oz





Infeed Rate

360 BPM

Outfeed Rate

420 BPM

Description of Function

To find where we can help the customer, we first must perform a line analysis. This will tell us what the constraint is within the line and in this case, it is the filler machine. By integrating one of our Infinity™ accumulators between the filler and the labeler to function as a buffer it would prevent any unnecessary stoppage within the line and keep the constraint running at its full potential.

The Infinity™ Series Accumulator #1 will accumulate 1,650 bottles for approximately 4.5 minutes. Bottles will enter in single file from the existing filler and will either accumulate on the Infinity™ Table or convey bottles through to a 2 (two) lane nested pattern outfeed. This outfeed will nestle bottles down to a single file via pressure combiner and feed to an existing labeler at 180 BPM. From here bottles will side transfer and mass up by slow down conveyer w/ stepped guide onto a large 10 lane conveyor #10 that will feed in mass to an existing case packer.

Drawing for Project

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Other US & International Patents Pending