Customer’s Challenge

The customer was looking for improved productivity within their line and to prevent production downtime.

Product Specifications


Product --------- Foil-Sealed Plastic Cups

Diameter Top
Diameter Bottom
4 oz
Rate In
420 CPM
Rate Out
480 CPM

Description of Function

By performing a line analysis, Garvey determined that the constraint within the line is the filler, which must be given the ability to continually run in order to increase productivity. With a GRx Infinity™ Series accumulation table between the filler and the cartoner, products will begin to accumulate during repeat cartoner shutdowns, allowing the filler to continue running alleviating the chance of backup. Given the design of the products (short plastic tapered cups) there was a unique approach to getting these cups onto the table while maximizing productivity.

Garvey designed and patented a “C” Chute that would invert the cups onto the accumulation table which gave them more support at higher speeds. A First In First Out (FIFO) infeed system was incorporated to minimize the time the foiled top of the product is riding on the chain eliminating possible wear. The Infinity Table then utilizes 2 single file outfeed lanes to divert cups through another “C” Chute system which inverts cups upright again before feeding the cartoner. 

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Drawing for Project

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