Prescription Bottle Distribution System

Product Specifications


Product --------- Filled Plastic Bottles


Diameter --------- 1.87"Ø


Height --------- 3.625"


Weight --------- 3 OZ.


Infeed Rate --------- 80 BPM (40 BPM per existing infeed conv.)


Outfeed Rate --------- 120 BPM (15 BPM per station #1 thru #8)

Customer’s Challenge

Our customer asked us to accumulate filled prescription bottles and distribute them to 14 separate inspection stations on demand without any product damage.

Garvey’s Solution

This system is a pill bottle distribution system that automatically feeds bags on demand. At this point, the bottles are filled, capped, and labeled. A typical system would get this product from multiple cappers and to feed the baggers would have to go through multiple traffic areas, a controls nightmare. What this system is able to do is to accumulate the product, continue the flow past every bagger and when a bagger needs a product, it is there as needed. Our system is able to eliminate traffic or metering while maintaining a constant, seamless flow of product.

Drawing for Project

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Other US & International Patents Pending