Introducing the New Bottling & Accumulation Conveyor from Dorner & Garvey: The AquaGard GT

Feb 22, 2024 | Uncategorized

When it comes to conveyor technology, it’s safe to call both Garvey and Dorner industry leading experts. In 1967 Fran and Bud Garvey designed and built their first set of modular conveyors to support the local glass industry. Since then Garvey has improved upon and invented countless conveyor and accumulation technologies. 


Dorner has a similar story having made their first conveyor shortly after in the early 1970’s. In 1973 Wolfgang and Horst Dorner developed and patented a new radial thrust bearing and worked with belting companies to obtain a flexible, durable belt and the Low Profile 4100 industrial conveyor was born. Since then Dorner has expanded its line of conveyors from steel frames into a full line of low-profile, aluminum frame conveyors for every application. Dorner conveyors are used in over 1,200 different industry segments today. 


Both Garvey and Dorner have developed unique reputations for reliable high quality products. 


Now they’re joining together to combine their 100+ years of knowledge to launch the new line of AquaGard GT Stainless Steel Conveyors. This new line combines the best of Garvey’s GT series conveyor with Dorner’s AquaGard 7100 sanitary stainless-steel conveyor. Combining Garvey and Dorner’s knowledge and resources allows us to offer a higher quality product at a lower price point with no compromises on quality. The new design easily integrates with accumulation systems and other machinery to create a fully automated processing line for bottling, canning, and food processing applications.   


The AquaGard GT is designed to carry a wide variety of product at the widest variance of speeds. Its modular construction allows for quick and easy design and re-design of your line. By choosing the modules that fit your current conveying needs, Garvey and Dorner engineers can provide you with an exact solution quickly.  


Simple Design & Function:  


The AquaGard GT conveyor system is designed to be as simple as possible, ensuring the highest level of reliability. These conveyors are engineered for flexibility and can be inserted virtually anywhere in the system, making expanding a line or complete changeovers fast and efficient. With Dorner’s best industry lead time, conveyors can be custom engineered and shipped out fast to minimize your downtime and get your production line up and running in no time.  

Versatility in Applications 


The AquaGard GT conveyor from Dorner & Garvey stands out as a versatile solution suitable for an array of applications across a wide variety industries. Primarily designed for packaged good transport, its robust construction and advanced engineering ensure seamless movement of goods with precision and reliability. Its adaptability shines in integrated solutions, effortlessly navigating through machines for efficient processing, whether it’s ingress, egress, or movement within a production line. Moreover, its seamless integration extends to end-of-line packaging and palletizers, where it ensures smooth transitions and optimized throughput, enhancing overall operational efficiency. Whether it’s navigating complex machinery or facilitating end-of-line processes, the AquaGard GT conveyor proves to be a dependable asset, offering unparalleled performance across various applications. 


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