Garvey’s Virtual Factory Acceptance Tests, Installations, and Service Calls Bring the Future to the Plant Floor

Jun 4, 2020 | Company News

Augmented reality and other remote technologies save manufacturers time and money while keeping their production lines running


For many manufacturers, shutting down during the pandemic is not an option. Companies that produce hand sanitizer, food and beverage products, and pharmaceuticals need to keep their production lines running, often at a higher capacity than usual. At the same time, to protect their workers, many manufacturers have implemented “no visitors” policies and restricted nonessential travel. As a result, aspects of the equipment purchasing and support process that rely on site visits have not been possible.

To support these essential manufacturers, Garvey Corporation, a leading producer of conveying, accumulation, and automation services, invested in new technologies to deliver virtual factory acceptance tests (FATs), installations, and service calls. Thomas Garvey, the company’s president, believes these types of virtual offerings will become the norm, even when facilities are able to accept visitors.

For the FATs, Garvey built a mobile station consisting of a tall rolling computer stand that contains a CPU, a monitor, and a high-end Logitech webcam with HD video, 10x optical zoom, and full remote capabilities. On-site technicians conduct the test wearing headphones and sharing their cameras to provide multiple views and detailed close-ups. The customers join using video conferencing software, which allows them to communicate with the on-site team. Unlike for a traditional FAT, the entire meeting is recorded so that all parties can have a complete account of what happened.

“Our first virtual FAT went so well that our customer suggested that they will use this format for all Garvey FATs going forward,” Thomas Garvey said. “That’s understandable because of the tremendous savings in time and travel expenses.”

The virtual installations and service calls use augmented reality via a headset that enables Garvey’s service technicians to see from the customer’s perspective. The headset has a screen that gives the feeling of a 7” tablet floating in front of the user, as well as a full audio and video system that allows the on-site technician to go hands-free while being guided by an in-house engineer.

“Because of the success of the virtual service, we’re offering it as an option to all of our customers,” Thomas Garvey said. “The ultimate goal is to get our customers up and running as quickly as possible, and using augmented reality enables us to solve many issues very rapidly and eliminate travel time and related costs.”

If you’ve been putting off purchasing conveying or accumulation equipment, Garvey can help. Contact the Garvey team to learn more about how they can help you maximize throughput while saving you time and money with their virtual service offerings.

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