ABCs: Always Be Consulting

Oct 14, 2022 | Line Analysis

At Garvey, our sales philosophy is simple: Always Be Consulting. We strive to help our clients maximize their throughput to increase their productivity and revenue. 


Our sales philosophy sometimes collides with our numbers, but this is done by design. We have no problem sacrificing short gains for long-term success, especially when we know we are doing right by our customers. 


Why our sales team are consultants first


Mike Earling, our VP of Sales, has a funny story about his transition from Engineering Manager to Sales. 


Initially, he was hesitant to accept the new role because he recalled all of the bothersome salespeople who had called him over the years. He didn’t want to be yet another voice on the other end of the line, only concerned with “closing the deal.”


But his reluctance quickly faded once Mike learned more about our mission and sales philosophy. He discovered that our sales team does much more than sell equipment. 


They listen, learn, analyze, educate, gather data, and recommend a solution. 


When he realized how valuable the production line analysis was to the customer, he decided to become a Sales Engineer.


From the line analysis to our GAMA program, we always focus on productivity, not sales.


Line Analysis


When we perform a line analysis, it is often the first time our customers get an in-depth understanding of our sales philosophy. Recently, we took a closer look at our line analysis process to explain how we calculate our customers’ efficiency and determine whether accumulation could increase throughput. 


If you haven’t already, we encourage you to read the blog post here to learn more about how it works. 


During each step of the process, our customers work with a dedicated Sales Engineer who will get to know them, their people, and their equipment to recommend the best solutions based on what they learn. 


We use the numbers as our blueprint and the customer’s vision as our inspiration; our bottom line or sales goals never figure into our recommendation. 


If you’re interested in scheduling a line analysis, you can request a consultation with a Garvey Sales Engineer here


Garvey Annual Maintenance Agreements (GAMA)


Garvey continues its consulting expertise through our GAMA program. We designed our equipment to be durable and stand up to various products and environmental conditions, but everything wears with time. That’s where annual maintenance has you covered.


Our goal is to keep your lines running and your maintenance costs low. As with any equipment, it’s always best to catch an issue early before it leads to a significant failure that increases downtime. To ensure our customers have equipment that evolves with their needs, we created the GAMA program, which includes an annual onsite technician visit. 


During the annual onsite visit, a Garvey technician will perform the following services:


  • A thorough inspection of all Garvey equipment
  • Onsite modifications and adjustments
  • A detailed findings report
  • Staff maintenance training
  • A list of recommended parts for replacement


If the technician spots an issue or an opportunity for improvement, they may consult a Sales Engineer to determine the best course of action to maximize productivity. 


As customers’ needs, challenges, and opportunities evolve, we will always be there to help them adapt and thrive. Our GAMA program is another example of this and how we’re always consulting. 


You can learn more about our GAMA program here.  


Consulting leads to trust, even if it doesn’t always turn into a sale. 


Adhering to our values sometimes puts our salespeople in interesting situations. 


Once, a Sales Engineer was with a customer who wanted to buy one of our accumulation tables. However, after completing a Garvey Line Analysis of the production line, he determined that installing our accumulator would not increase throughput. 


Our Sales Engineer explained his findings to the customer and recommended upgrading another machine on the line to provide the efficiency gain. 


We sacrificed an immediate sale, but we gained a customer’s trust. Staying true to our mission with this consultative sales approach is the foundation of Garvey’s long-term success. Let’s discuss ways we can contribute to your long-term success today!