Jun 27, 2016 | Company News

Sacrificing Short-Term Gains for Long-Term Success

When I joined Garvey Corporation a few years ago, Mike Earling, our VP of Sales, told me the story of how he made the switch from engineering manager to sales. Initially, he didn’t want the sales position because he envisioned all of the bothersome sales people that had been calling on him over the years. It was explained to him that our sales team does much more than sell equipment. They listen, learn, analyze, educate, gather data and finally recommend a solution. When he realized that the analysis of the production line was so valuable to the customer, he made the switch and thrived as a sales engineer.

Garvey’s mission is to maximize our customer’s productivity, which clearly aligns with our well-established sales philosophy. Adhering to our values sometimes puts our salespeople in interesting situations. Recently, a sales engineer was with a customer who wanted to buy one of our accumulation tables. However, after completing a Garvey Line Analysis of the production line, he determined that installing our accumulator would not increase throughput. Our sales person explained his findings to the customer and recommended an upgrade to another machine on the line that would provide the efficiency gain. Our mission is not to sell equipment – It is to maximize our customer’s productivity. We sacrificed an immediate sale, but we gained the trust of a customer. Staying true to our mission with this consultative sales approach is the foundation of Garvey’s long-term success.